Decontamination and Chemical Cleaning:

Decontamination when moving a Biosafety cabinet is a Cal/OSHA requirement. We offer decontamination with Formaldehyde, fogging and ultrasonic-condensation, disinfection with Peracetic Acid for Lab Spaces, Animal Care Facility, Biosafety Cabinets, Incubators, Lab equipment. Periodic disinfections will help prevent product, personal and environmental contamination.

Equipment Chemical Cleaning:

Remove years of chemical residue, dust and debris to improve the safety, airflow and the appearance of your Fumehood, Hazmat Storage and Ventilation Equipment.

Fumehood Chemical Cleaning:

Remove years of residue, dust and debris to improve airflow and the appearance of the Fumehood.

Biological Decontamination:

R&D performs Peracetic Acid and Formaldehyde decontamination of Biosafety Cabinets, Lab Spaces and Lab Equipment as per NIH, NSF and Manufacturers guidelines


R&D performs certifications of Biosafety Cabinets, HEPA filters, fume hoods, Decontamination of lab spaces and equipment, we pickup ewaste and unwanted equipment and we also buy and sell used laboratory equipment in San Diego and throughout southern California for the Life Science, Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Technology companies. Our commitment is to provide the best service and equipment in town!